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What started as  Anna & Gabz being 2 Instagram friends who connected through having the same mutual demon... Endometriosis! They have now become more like family (no longer just cyber pals!) 
They know first-hand the impact these concerns and conditions can have on not just your physical health, but also your mental and emotional health when there is not enough support, information and advice available to access. After many conversations of sheer frustration around Anna's kitchen table... the idea for MHP was born!


"Both of us have had a long difficult journey with our menstrual health & experienced dismissal in being heard & helped. We found it was a real struggle in our younger years when we needed guidance & support to understand what was going on with our bodies & to help navigate through it. There was no one to turn to, no one with the right knowledge & willingness; Endometriosis was just not on the radar for healthcare practitioners. Endometriosis has impacted our lives considerably & is extremely debilitating. It is a constant battle of fatigue, pain, emotional drain & social limitations. As you can imagine, this condition has been a huge negative for both of us (apart from finding this friendship!). So, we decided it was time to use the knowledge & experience we have gathered to create something positive. Channelling our passion for advocating & raising awareness, not only about Endometriosis, but all menstrual health concerns & conditions. Menstrual Health Project is our baby, our passion project but also a lifeline for us both for many reasons, especially to help us heal our own trauma whilst ensuring future generations to come have a better head start then we had!" 

- Anna and Gabz 

Menstrual Health Project


Our mission is to provide practical support for those suffering with menstrual health concerns and conditions through educational tools and resources. We are aware of the challenges those suffering with these concerns & conditions face. We strive to help people navigate these conditions more confidently, accurately & comfortably, whatever stage in life they are at.


Our vision is to create a world where menstrual health is no longer stigmatised, consider a taboo & normalised in today’s society - Leading to people feeling empowered, informed & heard.

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